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You can send a registered e-mail within seconds, to any e-mail address and you didn’t even know it.
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We have no limits

The traditional registered letter is limited to 18-pages. tNotice has no limits, you can send all the pages you want. We have also decided to eliminate the maximum limit of attachments: provided they do not exceeed a limit of 10 megabytes each, you can send as many as you want.

Lightweight, not just beauty

tNotice weighs only 75KB, 95 times lighter than a song. The attachments remain in the Cloud, ready to be downloaded only on request via a secure connection (SSL).

We reimburse € 30

We deliver in a day both the tNotice and the Forensic Postal Certificate (CPF), which replaces the old acknowledgement of receipt). For every broken promise we shall pay you back 30 Euro, this is the commitment that we have undertaken with the Consumers’ Association.



Yes, it has legal value

You can sign legally binding contracts without the need to use any further device. Optimize your business by
entering into distance contracts with your clients and suppliers by simply using tNotice.

We provide certifications having probative value

tNotice offers you the possibility to certify – with a probative value – the content of the message and of any attachments. Isn’t that just what you were looking for?

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