A time comes when revolutions need beauty

We invented the registered e-mail. Immediately afterwards we established a philanthropic fund for art in Italy. This means that tNotice will contribute to the restoration and preservation of the Italian artistic heritage. What do these two things have in common? We like to think that they have beauty in common.

We have no limits

We have assigned the first contribution of the philanthropic fund for the enhancement and restoration of Italy’s
public artistic and cultural heritage to the restoration of the books of the Certosa of Padula and of the Laurentian
Library in Florence.

Beauty is Italy’s foremost quality
It is in our artistic heritage, in our language, in the Italians’ creativity that the heart of our identity resides: the
identity of that Nation that was born long before the State and that represents the highest legitimization of the

Ciampi, President of the Republic, 5 May 2003

tNotice for Laurentian Library of Florence

We are real, our commitment is real.

tNotice was a dream and thanks to the efforts of our dream team it has come true. We know how to keep our promises, we have proved it and will continue to do so. But now you, too, are part of this story, we need you as well.

Art Bonus

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism has introduced the Art Bonus. The Minister
Franceschini has described it as “a veritable revolution in the field of culture and tourism.” It is a tax credit that
encourages patronage (65% for donations in favour of the maintenance and restoration of cultural public goods;
museums, public archaeological sites and libraries; public theaters and opera and symphonic foundations).

Beauty is its very essence
Beauty is Italy’s foremost quality, it is its very essence. The whole world acknowledges this, but not the Italians,
who continue to trample on it, humiliate it, hiding and destroying their immense environmental, landscape and
artistic heritage, a legacy from the past. Yet, beauty is the focal point for the economic revival of the Country.

Emilio Casalini (from the book: Fondata sulla Bellezza by Emilio Casalini)

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